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KC Yorkie Bobby is looking for his forever home !!

❤ Puppy Bobby's ❤ Mummy has asked me to find a loving home for her baby, as she has sadly found out she has an inoperable Brain Tumor.



We are so proud of our Beau and Sharon for the success winning so many shows and there final reward was taking part in Cruft's 2014.

Sadly Beau dropped her tail at the last minute as the judge was picking the winners, due to another Chihuahua that started to bark at her in the ring.

Beau is still a winner thou, as she is one of the best 27 long coated Chihuahuas in the world to be taking part and winning a place in Cruft's.

Can't wait for Cruft's 2015 :-)


Georgy Girl Triumphs in her 1st Show!

Amazing day for our Georgy Girl and Beau today. Georgy won 1st place in A.V Novice and 3rd place in A.V Special Yearling,
Charlee's daughter Beau (Waggywinks Princess Dior) came an amazing 1st against Georgy :-)
Thank you Sharon Baker your a star


Waggywinks have just had some amazing news on the phone from Vogue!

This beautiful pic of Cara Delevingne modelling with our two Chihuahua Pooches Charlee and Purdy used in the UK September Edition, has just made the front cover of Vogue Girl in Korea!

They said our Pooches are now very famous as its been their biggest seller.


Thank you Vogue x


Dotty has now been re-homed!

My name is Dotty, I am a beautiful American Merle Chihuahua and I am only 2 years young. I have an unusual spotty/patchy multi coloured coat which makes me very special x I have been taken in by Waggywinks for training ready for a new mummy and daddy x

My previous mummy and daddy have had some difficult times with me after I had a litter of puppies which I was very protective over. I became snappy and guarded over my babies, maybe too protective and scared my mummy and daddy. Sadly they lost trust in me and we lost our friendship, in truth I think they allowed me to become too controlling.

After a lot of heartache they gave me to Waggywinks for them to give me a fresh start x I felt so loved and even though they have been very strict with me I have learnt to respect their rules and love the reward of cuddles and completely feeling like I am part of their very special family x

Although I don't want to leave I realise that they will find me a lovely new mummy and daddy x

I have learnt that I can play and have wonderful cuddles x I so love my cuddles x I must say again that I really really love my cuddles x

I may take a little bit of time to warm up to you and trust you, but when I do you will become my world and do everything to make sure you let me know that I am loved x

I rarely ever put myself above another dog, I just want to fit in x

I am probably best suited to families with older children where they will understand how to understand the way I am when you first meet me. I have never ever bitten anyone, I have snapped, but only because I'm scared. Everyone who knows me understands that I would never hurt you, I'm just so nervous x

Come and meet me a few times, I promise not to disappoint, just prove to me that all my search for love won't annoy you, I am a fuss pot for which I am sincerely cuddly sorry

Welcoming Georgy!

Waggywinks are pleased to announce their new addition to the family Georgy.

We are very happy to introduce you to our new member of the "Waggywinks" family ❤


Please say Hello !! to our new beautiful little girl Georgy...Randy's 4th Girlfriend




Bye bye puppy Rosie

Enjoy living in your lovely new home with your brother big Bertie and new mummy Jess.

They did a four hour journey to collect you today ..


Have a safe journey home



New mummy Jess with puppy Rosie and Big Brother Bertie


My day with Vogue Magazine

What an amazing day I had on the shoot for this September's issue of Vogue Magazine (Available in the shops any day now!)

I have never seen so many make up artists, hair dressers, private chef, studio hands and of course the photographer. Last but not forgotten the all important beautiful model Cara Delevigne (she is stunning). All in this huge rented private house x

Me with my beautiful Chihuahuas Charlee & Purdy who feature in Vogue Magazines September issue (out now). 
A big thank you to model Cara Delevigne and Vogue Magazine 

Thank you for using my beautiful Chihuahuas at: www.waggywinks.com


One of my behind the scene pictures from the fun Vogue Shoot


Elle Magazine

Waggywinks are very proud to see their past puppy Busta modelling in this months Elle Magazine ( Aug Edition :-)

Busta your looking so handsome just like you daddy Randy with your Mummy Charlee's colours.

More of Waggywinks Pooches can been seen in the September edition of Vogue :-)


Bye bye puppy Tiffany

Have a wonderful time in your new home with your new mummy Carol and daddy Keith. I know your going to love playing with your four sisters, Lucy, Lillie, Purdy and Coco …your love been the smallest one out of them all.


Have fun



New mummy Carol with puppy Tiffany


Bambi ( 8 months old )

Bambi was born with one of her feet turned in and having to wear a splint on one of her legs. Sadly it looks like the splint was not done properly and subsequently her growth plates have left her body in the wrong position, with this Bambi's development has left her unable to walk properly, lack of muscle development and a bruised level of woofy confidence :-(

The previous owner is now herself a poorly lady and unable to look after Bambi. She was also aware that her other dogs were picking on poor little Bambi. The previous owner sensibly saw the benefit of giving us a shot at making Bambi a happy girl again x

We have a long and expensive time ahead of us to help her back to something that closely resembles normal x

We shall be taking Bambi for an X-ray and potentially some injections to encourage development in her late puppy stages of growth.

In the three days we have had her so far we have already seen her confidence change :-). Bambi enjoys her love and has even tried to play games with us. She is soooooo beautiful ! X

Fingers crossed for this beautiful poorly little girl x


Bambi Update

Beautiful Bambi

May she play in Doggy Heaven and find peace and love x

Please read below what the vets said what the problem was with out beautiful Bambi. His views were illustrated with the MRI scans, along with the spinal fluid and urine test results. Although the spinal fluids didn't show the signs they say this isn't abnormal. The MRI scan did show swelling and irregular shape to the rear of her little brain and disfigurement in her spine. Bambi's inability to walk properly and circling were all tail tail signs of his prognoses.

For the past few weeks we had Bambi playing, asking to be picked up for love and indeed holding her own with her other little play friends. She particularly enjoyed one on one moments being spoken and sung to x

We will miss our very special little Bambi with all of our hearts x



Show results 2013

Manchester Championship Show (Jan):- Qualified Crufts 2014!!
3rd Puppy Bitch
(Judge Mrs S Strangoe)

Lichfield Canine Society open show (Jan):-
2nd Junior
(Judge Mr Andrew Roberts)

Show results 2012

Mappleborough Ringcraft match show (Sept):-
1st Puppy
(Beau's first show at 6mths)

Bridgeford & District Canine Society (Open show Sept):-
1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed & 4th Toy Group
(Judge Ms Marion Sargent)

British Chihuahua Club (Championship show Nov):-
Reserve Puppy Bitch
(Judge I Jennings)

St.Mary's Companion Show Nov:-
3rd A.V Puppy

Burton-On-Trent KA (Open Show Nov):-
1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, 3rd Toy Group
(Judge Tony Moran)

Redditch & District Canine Society (Open Show Dec):-
2nd A.V Toy Puppy

Ashbourne & District Canine Society (Open Show Dec):-
1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Best of Breed
(Judge Charlotte Cooper)