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This page has stories and photographs from owners who have already bought one of our Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier Puppies.


(Puppy Name Pablo)

Growing up I always wanted a dog particularly a Labrador, but it was never going to happen while I lived at home with my parents. Still I convinced them with a rabbit then two. I then decided to go travelling around Australia for a year.
When I came back I moved in with my now husband, along with the two rabbits. We then added a cat to the family then another one & another. So two rabbits and three cats later we still had no Labrador. In truth our home was great, the garden however was accommodating for the rabbits, but not a big Labrador. So we waited, got married then decided the next step was to move house as we were beginning to think of a family. My husband David said to me when we move house and it has a bigger garden I'm going to get you your Labrador. I didn't really pay attention as there was so much to do.
Luck was in our favour & we got the house we wanted with a big garden. Now Dave likes surprising me, on this account he failed as I wore him down about where he wanted to go on a Saturday. I was both nervous & excited when he told me. So up we went to meet all the puppies at waggywinks.
Julie made the whole experience amazing. I remember cuddling Solo, his face was gorgeous, I was hooked and I wanted him. Being able to meet Nancy & Gigolo was a great treat, they are both so amazing I knew Solo was going to be so chilled & friendly.
Every week I badgered Dave for the weekly update that Waggywinks sent about Solo. I loved seeing how he had grown.
Adding Solo to our family has been great. He is loved so much & gives so much in return. He is so intelligent but still has a mind of his own, I'm still working on getting him to leave his frisbee for me to throw!
He loves coming to work with me, he gets so much attention & is so chilled there. I think he also helps cheer my colleagues when they're a bit down.
I am so fortunate to have an amazing dog who just continually surprises me every day. Thanks waggywinks for my amazing boy xx.


(Puppy Viola)

We have had our cocker spaniel Bertie for 5 years and he was craving a partner in crime . It was tricky for us to find a puppy due to the fact Bertie can be quite nervous , but we knew that he got along really well with all the previous female labs he had met before . Initially it was the obedient and relaxed temperament of the Labrador that we were attracted to , we had been looking for the perfect puppy for a while and were overjoyed when we stumbled across Waggywinks. It felt amazing to finally find someone who ticked all the boxes and had the most adorable puppies ! We met Viola when she was 4 weeks old and instantly fell in love with her and her gorgeous parents ! We decided to rename her Lola and when she was 8 weeks old we took her home to meet her new big brother just before Christmas. We absolutely loved the way Julie treated all of her puppies and dogs , I was always on her Instagram page showing my parents and Bertie the new puppy updates . Lola settled in right away and has become an amazing addition to the family , she is very caring , loyal and obedient . We can't thank Julie , Nancy and Gigolo enough for creating such a beautiful baby. It took a while for Bertie to adjust to sharing the spotlight but Lola has become a really calming influence and beloved companion to Bertie and the entire family ❤️


(Puppy Raphael)
We have owned black Labradors for the last 25 years so, when our much loved Bertie sadly died in Spring last year, we were all heartbroken … particularly our daughters, who have never known family life without a dog, and hated coming home from university to an ‘empty’ house!
We came across Waggywinks just as Julie’s first litter of Labradors was born, and went to see the puppies when they were only 10 days old. From the start, Fate played its part in our choice …..Raph (short for Raphael, the name which Julie gave him) was the biggest puppy of the litter (we have always liked big Labs!), and he was very aptly named (my husband had once written a dissertation on the artist Raphael Santi). For the next 6 weeks we somehow managed to keep him a complete secret from our girls, who had absolutely no inkling why we were at Julie’s home, collecting him, 3 days before Christmas!
Julie was amazing throughout, sending us photos and video clips every few days over the weeks that we were waiting to bring him home – we have never before experienced such genuine love and care for all of her ‘babies’ from a breeder!
Now 6 months old, Raph is a real character – beautiful, curious, mischievous, clever, loving and just so incredibly funny.
We love all of his adorable quirky little ways, and would not be without him!
Karen, Warwickshire


(Puppy Holbien)
Bertie Bertie

My name is Mary and I live in Bedfordshire, I am a mum of 4 grown up children ,step mum to one teenage daughter and a Nana to 4 grandchildren.
I also love dogs, particularly Labradors ❤️
Last year I lost my gorgeous yellow lab Harry and was broken hearted.
My children spoke to me about getting a puppy and the search began...... It was meant to be,
Waggywinks caught my eye and communicating with her was fab- then the puppies were born.
Bertie and I fell in love at first sight, when I came to view the puppies he came towards me and looked straight at me,
I was smitten! Waggywinks mad everything wonderful and the whole experience then and now has been the best.

Bertie is beautiful, handsome, bright, funny, loving etc etc- I adore him and so does all the family, we couldn't t be happier- thanks to Nancy pants, Gigolo and Waggywinks xxxxx


(Puppy named Kept)
Pixie_and_mummy_Lena After having our lovely Labrador Bosco for 16 years we decided to add to our family with a much smaller addition. We all decided that we wanted a little Chihuahua and we couldn't have made a better choice. From the moment that we knew we were getting her, to the moment we collected her was the most magical and exciting experience.
She settled into our family from the very first day and managed to see the last year of our beloved Boscos life. They became the greatest of friends and companions. Pixie is the most loving, cuddly, friendly and playful little girl we could imagine and we decided we would all love to have another little one.
After a short wait we were delighted to hear about Georgy giving birth to a litter of four beautiful puppies.
We chose another gorgeous little girl that we named Poppy and we are thrilled to bits.We cant wait to see her and eventually bring her home. We are sure Pixie and Poppy will become the best of friends.

Thank you Waggywinks for being such a great and helpful breeder and giving us these two beautiful little bundles of love.


(Puppy name : Fudge)

After all the nonsense of my early 20s, I finally left home from Edinburgh and moved to London to start my life. I have always been raised with dogs and felt I was at the stage where I was responsible enough to have my own dog.

I am extremely fussy when it comes to Chihuahuas and I did not rush the decision. It was by chance my sister came across waggywinks and showed me the picture of baby Tito. My heart sank. Tito was the most beautiful Chihuahua I had ever seen. I was sold and jumped on a train for over 6 hours to get him right away!

I couldn't have been luckier with Tito. He is the most loving, affectionate, friendly little dog in the world. He loves people and has so much love to give. Everyone lights up around him. His character is so fun and entertaining as he loves to play and run around the park and garden. He is also very well toilet trained now and listens to my commands. He is a smarty pants! He is very friendly with other dogs and loves to play and cuddle with my mothers Maltese. He can be a bit timid around big dogs, but he's still only a baby yet. His nature is so likeable and he is such a beautiful little dog with the softest long coat with beautiful quirky markings. He has a lovely little black tail which makes him very unique. He also is very quiet, not yappy in the slightest which is great for me living in a flat.

I could honestly go on and talk about him all day. He really has enriched my life and is so easy to look after that is nothing but a pleasure.

Coco & Tiffany

(Puppy name kept)
Coco and Tiffany

Coco is very loving and follows me around niping the back of my legs to get my attention playing with her toys and playing with Tiffany.
Tiffany loves going for walks playing with her toys and loves treats will try to get off the other dogs is also just as loving.
x x
Thank you Waggywinks :-)


(Puppy name kept - Rosie)

My beautiful Rosie is a my second Chihuahua from Coco and Randy. Rosie is a loving little pooch, she loves plenty of kisses and cuddles.
Rosie also has a very cheeky side, always getting up to mischief pinching socks from the wash basket and playing tug of war with my daughter Gabrielle. Her Favourite toy is her rubber ring, she'll let you throw this for hours for her and Rosie is very happy playing with her best pal Louie (my Maltese cross Chihuahua) who she has grown up with.
Louie is Coco and Randy's grand puppy. I love her to bits she's a stunning little dog. I have my own little Coco, who I could pinch every time I see her.
Thank you Waggywinks for another perfect pretty pooch


(Puppy name kept - Beau)
Beau Picture 1Beau Picture 1

I had a dream of having a cream/white little chi girl.... after searching high & low, viewing litter after litter for over a year i finally found the little girl of my dreams!!!
Beau now 11mths old has been more than a dog, she has become the most precious companion i could ever wish for.
Her stunning princess beauty, poise & personality turns heads & has recently qualified her for 'Crufts 2014'!
I must give credit to Julie as she nurtured Beau from day one, loving & caring for her in such a professional way, which i believe gave her the boldness & confidence she has.
My little girl is very much cherished & brings so much joy to the whole family......
Can't wait for the next litter Waggywinks...
Thank you for our little girl....
Sharon x


(Puppy name kept - Rascal)
Rascal and Emma Rascal and Emma

Rascal is my first dog, born in June 2011. He is a gorgeous super tiny red Chihuahua, one of Randy and Coco's babies. He is our little fox. He loves day trips out, being pampered and is definitely a little poser for the camera - just like his Daddy.
Rascal is a very loyal boy, he loves his family and fellow pouches. He is very timid when it comes to strangers and has his hiding spot under our sofa.
To this day he will only carry around the same teddy I gave him when he was 8 weeks old, I have stocked up on the same teddy just incase :-). He is happiest when having cuddles and playing with my 3 other dogs (a Chiweenie and 2 Yorkshire Terriers).
I would highly recommend Waggywink's as a breeder if you are looking for a beautiful tiny dog which has been brought up in a loving family environment with both children and pets.
The best thing is that Rascal was already trained to a dog grass mat toilet, so I bought one from waggywinks and then he just had to get used to going to the new location in my home! :-)
Thank you Waggywinks
Emma x


(Puppy name - Bobby)
Busta Picture 1 Busta Picture 2

I got my puppy Busta 10 months ago. It's his birthday in 2 weeks! I'm so in love with him. He's the most beautiful handsome incredible dog in the world. Hes become my best friend, he comes absolutely everywhere with me but is very independent and wonderfully playful! All he wants to do is cuddle sleep on the top of my head and run around! I couldnt begin to explain what light he's brought to my life, but I couldn't imagine not having him. He's the best thing in the world. X


(Puppy name kept - Crystal)
Crystal Picture 1Crystal Picture 2

I started searching for a Chihuahua breeder 2 years ago now, after several failed IVF attempts. I decided if I couldn't have a baby we would bring a tiny dog into our lives. I found Julie (aka Waggywinks) on my internet search, and it was like it 'was meant to be'. Julie and I struck up an email friendship, and she was able to answer all of my doggie questions, and some, as I had never owned a dog before. On the 6th August 2011 Crystal came home with us. She was everything I wanted in a dog; tiny, beautiful, affectionate and most of all, she had attitude ^_^. My husband even fell in love with her, as does everybody who meets her. On the 6th October 2011 I found out I was pregnant, and on 18th May 2012 my gorgeous little boy Taylor was born. Our family is now complete.
Thank you Julie <3(Y)


(Puppy name kept - Twinkle)
Twinkle Picture 1Twinkle Picture 2

Here is a picture with little twinkle she is still a little bundle of fluff so loving and gentle a wonderful addition to our family xx thank you for the perfect chihuahua.
Carol x


(Puppy name kept - Lillie)
LillieCarol, Lillie, Lucy and Perdie

Lillie loves to chase her sisters Lucy and Purdy around the garden and grabs their chews when given the chance. She is always very loving and loves giving us plenty of kisses.
Carol x


(Puppy name - Spot)
Bertie Bertie

You couldn't wish for a better little dog, he's full of love, cuddles and cheekiness. Bertie is a very happy little chappie loves his walks, chasing birds, always trotting in front being leader of the pack. He made himself a little den under our sofa where he likes to play hide and seek, little monkey! His favourite toys are his rubber ring and his pooh bear. Out of all my three little dogs he's the most loving affectionate Poochie, you can tell he come from a loving family home. Everybody fell in love with him when I brought him home, his nickname is twinkle toes because he walks so proud with his big fluffy mane. He's the perfect chihuahua, I'd be lost without him xx Jess xx


(Puppy name kept - Purdy)
Purdy Picture 1Carol, Lillie, Lucy and Perdie

Purdy loves playing with her toys, especially her squeaky ball and her teddy snaky. She jumps at every chance to get a chew off her sisters Lillie & Lucy, and loves teasing them with their favourite toys . She is a very clever young lady and loves giving us lots of kisses and attention.
Thank you
Carol x


(Puppy name kept - Prince Charming)
Beau Picture 1Beau Picture 1

Hi Waggywinks
This is a pic of me with mum and dad! I was a little reluctant to have it taken, but it turned out ok. Well, I look good, but them............? Seriously, though, my mum and dad keep me very happy and well fed. And I get as many kisses and cuddles as I need. My favourite game is chasing my doggy friends round the garden, or trying to let them catch me!


(Puppy name kept - Lucy)
Lucy PIcture 1 Carol, Lillie, Lucy and Perdie

My Lucy loves plenty of love and attention . She is happiest when running round the garden with Purdy and Lillie. She likes playing with her toys and watching TV. She is a very loving girl, who always give us plenty of kisses.
Thank you
Carol x