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Our most soppy yet arguably the most feisty of all our Chihuahuas. Bella is our self proclaimed Queen of all our little ladies. Bella will place herself at an advantage point in a room and use her extraordinary vision and hearing to pick up every event around. Before a treat or a bowl of food touches the floor Bella is there with her eyes bulging with anticipation. Shoulders square and a quiet under her breath growl announces her place in the food chain. To no avail though as all our other girls and boys ignore her. Bella's plan number two is to take a few bits of food, retreat to her high point and give us her hard done by ears down and her practiced large deep 'if you love me' eyes.

These are the same eyes that greet you when Bella tip toes up to your side and gently taps the back of your hand with her delicate paw. This is a variant we call 'nobody ever loves me' and 'cuddle me pleeeeeeeeeease eyes'. Be careful though as she has a tongue that will shoot up your nose for a quick 'sinus, back of eyeball and shoot out your ear' cleaning job.

Bella has a wonderful short speckled coat, perfect for wrapping your arms around. The features of her coat are a trademark of the American Merle Chihuahua breed. Wherever we take Bella people comment about her beautiful markings and striking large ears, we tell admirers that she must have been a Bat in a previous life.

Irresistible, loving, demanding and as time has gone on tactfully patient. A master of the cuddle time and an actress worthy of a major film role with Disney.

HRH Lady Penelope Bella of Waggywinks awaits your company (and cuddles).

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