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Buddy or should we say 'Buddy Love'. He came to us like a little scraggy street urchin who barked 'who you then guvna, fancy playing a happy game wiv me?'

What a bundle of joy, he is so joyful and loving. Well, loving when he's not wriggling in your hands to get back with his ménage of queuing play pals. They literally do, he's too much fun not to wait patiently your turn. Wiggle, wiggle, bum twitching wriggles, bounce bounce, chase me, chase you, play nibbles, his face tells you that 'you've just got to join my world of fun!' Even the grumpy ones give in and play, that includes reluctant teenage children!

It makes us tired just watching 'Buddy Love' in all his adventures and his seamless ad-lib hunger for fun fun and more fun. He is simply infectious.

If there was a real living Teddy Bear, Buddy Love is him! :-)


Buddy Picture 1 Buddy Picture 2 Buddy Picture 2 Buddy Picture 4 Buddy Picture 5