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Coco (Pedigree) is 'Mother Earth'.

She was our first Chihuahua and has stated her authority over all our other doggies in a motherly roll. Coco will share a bed with any of the others and will police any dispute they may have. If we share treats with our doggy family she will sit back and let them have what they want first. We will often have to walk a treat over to Coco as she will happily go without to favour her extended doggy family.

When Coco was younger she would tell us off for leaving her with a family dog sitter using her eyes to talk whilst nudging us with her nose, so cute! If we cuddle she will run over and ask to be picked up to share the cuddle letting out little groans of joy when we all embrace her.

As a mum Coco is a delight, continually cleaning her litter and encouraging their independence as they grow. She never gives favouritism to individual pups and brings them all along like her worthy title of 'Mother Earth'.

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