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Daisy is the latest addition to our family. She is a KC Registered miniature Chihuahua. 

Daisy is a fun loving little girl with a huge character. She loves her cuddles and literally melts in your arms. Daisy has the most wonderful mischievous games she shares with the other doggies. Even when she is not invited into their games she barges in and lets it be known it is all about her. 'Look at me everybody' she barks as leading the pack. Daisy is a heart melter popping her head up from flower beds, from behind cushions and if allowed from under the bed quilt.

There is normally a toy hanging from Daisy's mouth and she will often be seen passing you with head raised, ears alert and a busy step whilst organising the doggy toy box to all corners of the room. Occasionally Daisy will stop to have a snack or drink, especially if its from someone else's bowl x 

Everybody who visits say that Daisy makes sleeping look so cozy, you just want to climb into Daisy's bed and curl up for a snooze next to her. Something we are sure she wouldn't object to. 

We all agree that the naughty ones tend to be the most adorable.