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Derek (KC Registered) is one of the privileged few who has the famous Yorkshire Terrier Ozmillion blood line. The nobly named Royal KC Award Winning blood line no less!

Derek is super tiny, ridiculously handsome and only 4 lb in weight. Full of joyous character Derek really believes he's our little but larger than life bodyguard. He follows us everywhere, especially his mummy, around the family home and garden firmly at the heal 24/7. All he is missing is his Men in Black suit, sunglasses and ear piece ;-). Nobody is allowed to touch his mummy.

He adores his two girlfriends beautiful Bo and lovely Lady and plays chase with them everyday in the garden. Derek is so light he skips through the air with his magnificent coat wafting in the breeze. Such a joy to watch their exciting games.

When we blow Derek kisses He lifts his little head and licks his nose to exactly the same number of kisses we send him. Such a loving tiny little boy.

Of an evening he will curl up with Bo entwined as one big teddy bear coat. He occasionally lifts his head to check on his mum and to gain reassurance that he is allowed time off from his bodyguard duties. A true noble knight in a shining doggy coat of armour.

It's almost impossible to believe you can pack all that into such a tiny perfect package!

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