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'Georgy Girl' is a bundle of joy. Whenever you see her she bounces through with her very own theme tune playing in accompaniment to announce her arrival. We all sing the 'Georgy Girl' song by The Seekers to her to which in response she wags her tail and lifts her head up, she clearly feels so special. 

Georgy is a beautiful young lady who has already turned heads in her early trials for shows, we fully intend to see her through to Crufts in the coming years. Watch this space x

George Girl is a love ball of joy who does everything to be the first to your lap. On arrival she rolls on her back and wiggles her paws with the expectation of a belly rub x If you call her name when whilst Georgy is asleep she will wag her tail without opening her eyes, whisper her name and you will get the same x If you then go on to sing Georgy Girl to her you will get the full dance and the 'it's all about me time again'. 

Georgy is a true tonic to a tough day at work and is there with her innocent youth to ease your problems away x With other pooches she is kind and loving, but if they try to dominate Georgy will firmly remind them that she is no push over. These qualities will make her a wonderful mother ensuring a lovely calm litter of puppies with all the right measures parental guidance. 

Georgy truly is a special addition to our family of mummies and daddies x


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