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Nancy is our beautiful KC Registered Labrador. Nancy in name and 'Nancy Pants' by nature, a nickname she has willingly become accustomed. When first introduced to our Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier family Nancy chose to roll over and bow to their demanding position, even they agree with her adopted 'name in jest'.

Nancy is thoughtful girl making tracks to anyone who shares a glance. A loyal madam who will follow her companion to the end of the world.

Nancy does believe that she can do anything the Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers do, including a cuddle on your lap and a willing costume model. Clearly a lady with style!

Nancy has two offices she works and plays from; In the Summer she will be found in the garden assisting our gardener or carefully watching the grass grow from a lying down position. In the winter she will be found guarding the Aga in a meditating eyes closed position. Such a hard working Nancy Pants!!