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Randy (KC Registered) is our handsome cavalier

He undoubtably has magnificent looks and boy does he know it. He sits proud amongst our doggy family often on the back of an armchair where he will occasionally lift his head from an afternoon nap to review his ménage of girlfriends. King Randy we call him with his regal poise and a mane worthy of any lion.

In moments of weakness he will jump up along side you on your seat and give you his pussy cat eyes asking permission to sit on your lap to have some love. With a word of encouragement Randy will step onto your lap and soaks up all the love and cuddles you are willing to give, he has to keep eye contact whilst receiving this love looking for all the reassurance he can get that he is needed and loved. With that his eyes close and he will fall asleep on his back with legs astride, paws up and the honourable 'King Randy' sleeps :-). It's good to be a King.

When we go for a full family walk King Randy is always at the back watching his 'Pride of Pouches' walk ahead of him. His marvellous coat bounces with his little steps and his head is always regally held high. 'Long live the King'

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